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Forged Shapes

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Viking Iron Works is an open die forging shop

supplying forged rings, hubs, spindles, bars and blocks to the United States, Canada and Mexico

Viking uses forging quality billet with a minimum of 3:1 reduction as starting stock. Our hammersmiths have the skill, experience and knowledge to forge the grain flow required for your finished part. Viking is proficient in the design and engineering of our own tooling and have accumulated hundreds of forging tools for the production of hubs, spindles and upset head forgings. Our tooling can produce a near net shape forging with close dimensional tolerances with the benefit of a smooth surface finish. Our hammersmiths are also accomplished blacksmiths and Smith Forge all of our own forging tools.

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Forged Blocks Forged Step Shafts Upset Head Forgings & Forged Hubs
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